Unusual Business (as Usual)

Most of our work, as I’ve said many times, consists of assembling furniture, especially bedroom furniture.

Our most popular is IKEA, although we’ve now handled items from a wide range of manufacturers. That said, there’s always something new and we never quite know what the next enquiry will bring.

Last week it was a huge polytunnel – a giant polythene greenhouse, in other words – that the customer had had for some time but never quite managed to build. There were instructions, though, and our man James has bags of experience (as a qualified engineer and all-round hands-on whizz) so we were confident he could do it.

Now, working on a polytunnel in mid summer is one thing, but of course you have to work in it, not just on it, so it was very hot work. The instructions, were, as James put it “useless” (he was being polite), but that’s never stopped us in the past.

Naturally, James got there in the end, we honoured the original quote, even though it took longer than expected, and our customer was very happy indeed with her brand new polytunnel.

That’s what we tend to find – whatever the challenges, our customers are delighted by the end result. We’re not happy unless you are.

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