Three Things You Need to Know About Sliding Doors

Yesterday’s job, helping a customer complete a large double wardrobe with sliding doors, reminded me of the three immutable facts you need to know about sliding doors.

These are

  1. Sliding doors are nearly always more complicated than they look – details matter and getting these wrong can waste a lot of time. Each door in a set will be different
  2. Sliding doors are heavy – while I can usually manage to install sliding wardrobe doors on my own, they do take a lot of lifting and careful handling to get them into place
  3. Sliding doors ALWAYS take longer to fit than conventional hinged doors. Even when everything goes well, with no mistakes, there is simply more involved in fitting sliding doors

So, if you plan to build one or more wardrobes with sliding doors, allow extra time – to read the instructions, assemble the doors and, finally, hang them. Also, expect to do some heavy lifting and make sure you have the room and the required strength to do the job without damaging the furniture, your decor and floor coverings, or yourself.

Or, call in a professional to guarantee a good job, however long it takes!

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