Tesco Flatpack Furniture Assembly

Tesco, like the other big players in flat pack furniture, such as Ikea and Homebase, produces simple and sturdy furniture in flatpack form  for assembly at home and Tesco sells this furniture in several Suffolk stores as well as online at Tesco Direct. Flatpack Assembly Suffolk can assemble Tesco furniture in your own home, saving you time, effort, possible injury and damage to your home, and money when compared with other flatpack assembly services.

For example, a medium-sized chest of drawers will take us about an hour, at our rate of £30 per hour. A double wardrobe takes about the same amount of time and will cost about the same.

We even offer a significant discount for longer jobs and a daily rate that saves you at least £60 per day! There’s no call out charge for local work or bigger jobs further afield.

Compare these terms with Tesco’s own assembly service and then contact us to book a slot with Flatpack Assembly Suffolk. Call or text 07787 403119 right away for an appointment for assembly of your Tesco furniture in Suffolk!

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