Prices for Flatpack Assembly in Bury St Edmunds and Suffolk

Our basic price is £35 for the first hour (£45 evenings and Saturdays, £55 Sundays). Each additional 30 minutes costs £17.50.

Our half-day rate is £120 and our day rate is £220.

As a guide, most smaller or simple items (eg, a bed, bedside cabinet, single bookshelf, chest of drawers or a wardrobe) can be assembled within 1 hour.

A small shed could take perhaps 3 hours.

We won’t worry if we’re a few minutes over!

Once we’ve quoted a price we like to stick to it unless there is significantly more work than we were made aware of – for example, an extra wardrobe to assemble (it has happened).

We don’t bill you for our travelling time but we may charge an additional £2 per mile (£1 each way) for each mile above 15 miles from Bury St Edmunds for jobs of less than 2 hours, since we incur extra costs and time.

For example, if you are 20 miles from Bury St Edmunds we may charge an additional £10 for a one hour job, since we will have travelled an extra 10 miles (5 each way). We waive this for bigger jobs.

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