Rebuilding an old Garden Shed

When the owners of this shed moved home the new residents asked them to take it, and another shed, with them. That was a great opportunity for Flatpack Assembly Suffolk to show how an old shed can be made as good as new.

Both sheds came apart fairly easily. The roofs were carefully prised off, to avoid damaging the brittle particle board more than absolutely necessary.  Some minor damage is unavoidable but unimportant.

One shed was donated to an allotment association, this one was taken to its new home:

Flatpack suffolk shed assembly site

The site for the rebuilt shed, with some of the intended contents

Because access might be difficult later we decided to treat the rear panel and one side with preservative before assembly.

You might like to paint all four panels yourself the day before assembly. Painting the whole shed will take about two hours. Be generous with the preservative and don’t worry about getting an even covering. Remember ends and edges!

Flatpack Shed Assembly preservative treatment

After painting with preservative the panels look almost like new

The door end panel was slightly damaged but easily repaired.

flatpack shed panel slightly damaged

The bottom rail had broken but was easily repaired or we could have replaced it

The next thing was to level the site. The floor must be raised above ground level or it will soon rot. For this small and light shed we decided bricks would be sufficient.

The trick is to use one reference point and level all other bricks, slabs, etc, with respect to this, using a spirit level and a straight piece of wood. Clear away any soil for a few inches on all sides.

Flatpack shed assembly in Suffolk floor

The old floor is laid on twelve brick supports

One advantage of a confined space is there’s usually something to lean the first panel against while you go and get the second!

Flatpack suffolk shed panel in place

First panel in place, thanks to a handy wall

Then the two panels are simply screwed together. Start with the top screw.

Assembling flatpack shed panels in Suffolk

These shed panels are screwed together. Other sheds might use nails

Once the first two panels are in place just add the other two panels. These fitted very neatly, overlapping the floor to protect it from the weather. Screw or nail the panels to the floor as well, through the bottom rails.

Add the roof panels, which are usually nailed in place, then fix the window carefully and finish painting with preservative, and you have a shed!

We were able to replace the roof in one piece, with the felt still in place, but it will need re-felting soon.

Assembling a small to medium-sized shed like this one or slightly larger (not including site preparation or painting/treating) takes about an hour, for which we charge just £45.

Flatpack shed assembly in Suffolk

Call or text us on 07864 901 042 or use the contact form to arrange for your shed to be resurrected!