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Stompa Cabin Bed Assembly

This one took a while!

We’ve had a wide variety of enquiries recently in different formats and for widely differing jobs. We get enquiries by email, phone and text, and recently they’ve been for jobs ranging from kitchen trolleys to garden sheds, via what sounded like a whole house full of IKEA.

Naturally, everyone who enquires wants to know how much it will cost to do the job, and quoting a price for flatpack assembly is a tricky business in itself.

The first thing we need to give an accurate quote is an accurate description of the work that needs doing, so it’s a great help if you can include make and model (or reference) for each item you need us to assemble. For example, a two-door wardrobe might be a one hour job or a two to three hour job, depending on the make and model, type of doors, etc.

What we do try to do is stick to our original quote, which is why we’re not always able to quote you the lowest price, bearing in mind that from long experience we know that jobs are more likely to take more time than expected rather than less. That means we have to quote for the minimum time we genuinely believe the job will take rather than being over optimistic and quoting a lower price just to secure the work.

So, if we say two hours and quote £70, that’s what you’ll pay, even if it takes us three hours. But we won’t ‘hope’ to do it one one hour, quote £35 and then have an embarrassing conversation when it actually takes us three hours after all.

One customer came to us this week with an interesting solution. With a long list of IKEA items to assemble, the customer has suggested a budget and asked how much we can do within that amount. The answer, as it turns out, is most of the items on the list, especially if we’re flexible about our definition of a ‘day’ – as we often are!

You will get good value from Flatpack Assembly Suffolk, even if we can’t give you the lowest quote.  We prefer giving fixed quotes to offering ‘estimates’ which can lead to those embarrassing conversations…

Incidentally, we haven’t raised our prices in almost two years (although we have learned to quote more realistically!). We will have to consider raising them soon, though, so you might want to consider that if you’re thinking of buying some flatpack furniture, equipment or a shed in the near future. At the moment we charge between £35 per hour and £220 per day.

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