IKEA, Next and Dreams Assembled Here

A varied couple of days and some time on the road for me this week, with a half day spent in Somersham assembling yet another variation on the IKEA Pax wardrobe, then an hour or so in Thetford this morning replacing some damaged parts. Finally, a quick trip to Little Whelnetham to rescue a baffled bed-buyer.

The IKEA wardrobe this time was two singles, to be bolted together, with glass sliding doors and only a few simple internal extras. As always, the wardrobes were no problem. Actually, neither were the doors, despite the cramped conditions and a polished wood floor to take extra care of. But these doors do take a while to put together, which is something to bear in mind when you get an estimate for the work. With a bit more space I could have worked more quickly but it’s still a two-hour job to assemble and hang two doors.

One bonus was the completely level floor, which made joining the two wardrobes a doddle – unlike last weeks ‘Suffolk Hills’ experience!

The two wardrobes, hanging rails, baskets and shelves, plus the two doors took about four hours in all.  Then the four-drawer chest to match took just over an hour.

Today’s job was a new top panel for a large Next wardrobe. I was pleased to see the damaged one lifting off as easily as I hoped, and the replacement went on almost as quickly. I’d hoped this would be a ten-minute job and it was.

There was a faulty chest of drawers to deal with, too. This time it was a matter of replacing the two sides while retaining the other perfectly good parts. The drawer runners were slightly askew on the original, which meant that although they looked fine when I originally put the chest together and inserted the drawers in order, the drawer fronts were fouling on each other when the customer used them.

Anyway, the new sides did the trick, the existing drawers rolled in easily, and the whole job took less than an hour. I think we spent more time unpacking the new parts and repacking the old ones for Next’s couriers to take away.

Finally, a very quick job came to me yesterday via another company, The Flatpack Construction Company, based in Kent. They had a Dreams Beds customer near Bury who was having problems assembling a divan bed. I was able to deal with that one this morning, too.

This was simply a matter of locating the bolt holes through the fabric cover to join the two halves together. One end had the stickers in the wrong place while the other had no stickers at all, and the customer was baffled. A bit of prodding and probing located the holes and the bed was firmly joined in a matter of minutes. It actually took me longer to find the customer’s house!


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