IKEA Furniture Assembly in Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire

Your IKEA furniture is in safe hands when you use the experienced, professional assembly services of Flatpack Assembly Suffolk to build it for you.

IKEA is easily the most popular furniture brand I work with and problems are very rare with IKEA flat packs. Years of experience means few surprises for me, too

Flatpack Assembly Suffolk is getting increasingly busy, largely thanks to IKEA – about seventy percent of jobs this year have been the assembly of IKEA furniture.

This is partly because IKEA’s own assembly service doesn’t extend as far as Suffolk. That means anyone taking delivery of IKEA furniture in this area and wanting professional help with the assembly will need a company like Flatpack Assembly Suffolk.

IKEA furniture is mostly very good news for us because IKEA tends to use good quality components and fairly straightforward assembly methods. IKEA delivery also seems to be reliable and their items are packed very cleverly. A day’s IKEA assembly still produces a mountain of cardboard, mind you!

Other excellent flatpack furniture is available, but for IKEA assembly in Suffolk (and Norfolk and Cambridgeshire), look no further than Flatpack Assembly Suffolk.

Call or text us on 07864 901 042 or use the contact form to leave your details and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

IKEA Insider’s Tip

One thing to be aware of is that IKEA’s panelled sliding doors (the ones with glass or MDF panels in an aluminium frame) take some time to assemble. They add about two hours to the assembly time for a pair of double wardrobes (with four sliding doors). Adding the running gear and closure panels to the wardrobes takes about another hour.

The Pax wardrobes shown below, right) took about three hours to put together. Double that with the sliding doors and add an hour for the drawers and this was almost a day’s work. In contrast, the plain hinged doors on the children’s wardrobes (below, left) took just a few minutes to fit and we actually did both sets in one day.

It’s useful to know how long things can take when you’re budgeting for a professional assembly service.

Ikea bedroom furniture assembled by Flatpack Assembly Suffolkfour ikea wardrobes being assembled


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