Homebase Furniture Assembly

We can assemble all Homebase flatpack furniture in your own home. Homebase have their own professional assembly service but you might like to compare their prices to ours.

Homebase furniture uses many of the same methods of construction as Ikea and other manufacturers, and assembly time will be roughly the same for equivalent pieces. This means we can confidently say that a wardrobe with several drawers will take us roughly two hours. At our rate of £30 per hour this comes to £60 (not £80)

A four to six drawer chest takes us about an hour, or £30 (not £50).

We also offer a day rate that gives you a significant saving if you have several items to assemble, and our minimum charge is only £30.

For local jobs or bigger jobs further afield there is also no call-out charge. Contact us for details!

And for Homebase furniture assembly in Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, call or text Flatpack Assembly Suffolk first, on 07787 403119.

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