Conditions for Flatpack Assembly

Large and heavy items will normally need to be assembled at or close to their intended location – ie, in the same room in your house or on site for a shed. Small items can of course be moved. Please try to have them delivered to the correct room or at least the same floor.

We provide our own tools and normally carry a few spare screws, nails, etc, but we can’t guarantee to match the original items.

We don’t deliver or remove items except by special arrangement (you pay any costs).

We need quite a lot of room to work – wardrobes are usually assembled lying down (the wardrobes, not the assemblers).

We will inspect the items for signs of damage before we begin and ideally unpack them in your presence (in case anything is missing or faulty).

Our ‘working time’ (the time you pay us for) starts when we arrive at your home or premises and are ready to start work.

We use small vehicles and can’t normally deliver items, except by special arrangement (at your expense). We can’t normally remove old furniture, large amounts of packaging, etc, but we do clear up after ourselves!

We don’t normally do groundwork (eg, shed bases, play areas, etc), although we may be able to arrange this on request with sufficient notice.

Please keep children and pets away from the working area, for obvious health and safety reasons.

We bring our own refreshments but we do enjoy a nice cup of tea!

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