Guarantee from Flatpack Assembly Suffolk

While Flatpack Assembly Suffolk can’t guarantee the quality of products you buy we do of course guarantee our own workmanship.

We promise to assemble your items to the highest possible standards, at least comparable to the items as displayed in the shop, and we undertake not to invalidate the manufacturers’ guarantees.

Most flat pack furniture and equipment is manufactured to a reasonable standard and will give you very good results for your money.

In cases where components are faulty or missing we will discuss the best possible solution with you, including returning the product where we think this is advisable.

Second-hand or pre-used items (eg, after you’ve moved home) might need some modifying or adapting, with your agreement, but we prefer not to invalidate the guarantee on new items by modifying these, except by your express instructions. These modifications will be at your own risk, although we will not knowingly leave any item in an unsafe or unstable condition.

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