Flatpack Furniture Building and Construction

Some flatpack items are bigger than others and although we usually use the term ‘assembly’ there is often a fair bit of physical work inolved, so that flat pack ‘building’ is sometimes nearer the mark. An average wardrobe can easily weigh about the same as a grown man. Don’t try shifting that if you’ve got a bad back!

So, while we call ourselves Flatpack Assembly Suffolk there’s no doubt that some people will be searching for flatpack furniture builders or flatpack construction when they find out how much lifting and shifting flatpack Flatpack furniture buildersfurniture can require.

When those big heavy boxes arrive is when some people realise that it might be better to call in the professionals to actually put their new furniture together.

Of course, when it comes to garden buildings and some larger items of equipment, ‘building’ is more appropriate anyway.

Once again, Flatpack Assembly Suffolk can build or construct your small to medium-sized garden buildings and equipment.

Incidentally, beware of assembling garden trampolines – those springs can do serious damage!

The main problem, though, is with the weight ofFlatpack furniture assembled and built some of these items, even in their raw state, without doors, decorative panels, etc. Each of the two double wardrobes in this picture (ie, without doors) weighed 63.5 kg – almost exactly 10 stones. Is it worth injuring yourself and possibly damaging the furniture and decor, too, by trying to build and move them into position yourself?

Contact us on 07864 901 042 rather than risk injury to yourself and others.

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