It never ceases to amaze me how manufacturers of flatpack furniture expect people to follow their assembly instructions. Often, the pieces are not labelled, so you are left trying to identify the right piece from a small drawing in the instructions.

We are occasionally stumped and we’re professions, doing this assembly on a full time basis, what hope for everyone else?

I think you need a certain mindset to be able to assemble furniture from the manufacturers instructions, an ability to visualise 2-d drawings in 3-d and some engineering skills to understand how the furniture will be held together using the right fixings, and finally, a bit of common sense. – Yes, we have come across instructions that are just plain wrong and impossible to follow.

We usually find laying out all the pieces and identifying what they are and where they go is a good start, then check you have all the fixings as it’s very frustrating to get 95% of the way, then have to stop because there’s a fixing missing.

When you use fixings, make sure they are the right one. Some manufacturers seem to give several different sizes, all looking very similar.

And finally, If you’ve been stumped by assembly instructions, give us a call, we are only to happy to help…..

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If you thought we just assembled flatpack furniture, think again….

We’ve just finished laying a new Laminate floor for a client prior to assembling a number of items of furniture from ARGOS for him.

If you thought we just assembled flatpack furniture, think again….

We can help you much earlier on with your project as our craftsmen have many skills and qualifications, including decorating, floor laying, plumbing and electrics, so if you need help preparing a room prior to installing new furniture, contact us for a no obligation quote.


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NEXT furniture assembly

Just had the privilege of assembling a wardrobe and chest of drawers from NEXT for a client and I must say how impressed I was with the build quality and as a result, everything went together like a dream.

I usually carry a stock of spare fixings as you sometimes come across missing, bent or damaged fixings when you open a box, but the thoughtful people at NEXT even include a bag marked ‘spares’, containing a few extra fixings ‘just in case’  – how thoughtful.

So, If you’ve been shopping at NEXT, give us a ring as we would love to come and assemble your purchases for you….

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