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Portofino by Time4Sleep

Yesterday afternoon’s job was a referral from the Flatpack Construction Company on behalf of a retailer. The customer had received an ottoman bed and wanted help with assembly.

As soon as I arrived it was obvious we had a problem – eight bolts that were supposed to secure the lifting mechanisms to the side panels were too short.  Sifting through the bag of fittings revealed no hidden goodies and the parts list didn’t specify longer bolts for this part of the assembly, either. As this was step one in the assembly process, I didn’t get very far!

Another delay while the retailer sent the right bolts would have been daft, so I set off to find some replacements. With directions from the customer (by phone since she was at work) I found my way to the local Screwfix and spent the massive sum of £3.15 on a packet of fifty.

The job was finished about an hour or so later than planned, rather than the customer waiting several days at least for new parts, and of course it saved the retailer another call out fee and me another journey to finish the job.

The bed, when finally finished, was very attractive and very sturdy!

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