A Long Day Assembling IKEA in Cambridge

After two full days working in Kersey last week, this week’s big job was a very long day in Cambridge.

As so often, the job description sounded simple, especially if I said it quickly: five wardrobes, one chest of drawers, two bedside cabinets and a king-sized bed, all from IKEA, and all pretty familiar.

However… five extra-tall double wardrobes that needed fixing to the wall and to each other, all with mirror doors, starts to sound like a bigger job, and so it proved. Although the basic wardrobes were all assembled in not much more than two hours, positioning, levelling, securing and finishing them took as long again, if not more.

The chest of drawers was from the Hemnes range, which is one of IKEA’s more complicated ranges. Not difficult, but not quick, either, so it took about two hours. The two bedside cabinets were from the same range, although simpler, of course, and were completed in an hour for the two.

Finally, the bed was a doddle in comparison, and took about an hour from start to finish.

So, that amounted to a full day’s work, as quoted for.

I knew I’d done a day’s work by the time I’d finished, but the customer, once again, was delighted with the results. Five metres of wardrobes gives a lot of storage space!


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